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Introduction of family business taxation institute
10 November 2014

Amendments and additions were made in RA law on “Taxes” particularly Family business taxation institute was added.

Amendments to the RA law on “Income Tax”
15 October 2014
An amendment was made in the RA law on “Income Tax”, by which in the case when the income received from rent of property of a natural person not considered as an individual entrepreneur and (or) a notary exceeds AMD 58.35 mln, the tax payer calculates 10% annual rate  of the excess amount, without taking into account the statutory deductions and tax amounts calculated and withheld by tax agent, and in case of receiveing income from a person not considered as a tax agent-without taking into account deductions and independently estimated tax payments from rental property income received by the natural person.
Amendments to RA law on “Value Added Tax”
29 September 2014

National Assembly of RA adopted laws on making amendments and supplements to RA law on

“Value Added Tax”: RA law-129, dated 22.07.2014.

New RA law on “Public Sector Accounting”
05 September 2014

The National Assembly of the RA has adopted new RA law on “Public Sector Accounting”.

Amendments to the RA law on “Turnover Tax”
26 August 2014

Amendment were made to the RA law on "Turnover tax", particularly the turnover tax payers engaged in commercial activities apply 1% rate within the taxable object  for the calculation of the turnover tax for each reporting period (instead of the previous 3.5% rate) and are obliged to document all transactions for the purchase of goods according to the statutory requirements.

Start of 3-month course
12 August 2014

Tatul Movsisyan’s “Youth Support Center” under “TM Audit” CJSC announces start of 3-month course in applied accounting.

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