• What is IFRS?

  • What is International Accounting Standards Board (IASB)?

  • What is the structure of  IASC  foundation?

  • How widespread is the adoption of IFRS around the world?

  • What is the International Accounting Standards Committee (IASC)?

  • What is the IFAC?

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The main peculiarities of the new Chart of Accounts (pdf format )
Accounting for products and goods disposed for commission sale (pdf format )
Accounting for non-current investments in the share capital of related parties (pdf format )
Material errors accounting (pdf format )
Fixed assets accounting (pdf format )
Notes to the financial statements (pdf format )
Accounting for the share capital of joint-stock companies (pdf format )
Accounting for investments in the share capital of non-related parties (pdf format )
Peculiarities of accounting in retail trade (pdf format )
Accounting for the accounts with budget (pdf format )
The differences of financial and tax accounting (pdf format )
The new 6-th element of financial statements

(pdf format )

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