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Consultancy on taxes

RA tax system is singled out by its complexity and disposition to changes which makes this sector more risky for business, and its management signficant.

Proposed services:

  • Consultancy on tax legislation,
  • Calculation of taxes and other mandatory payments, adjustment of payments and balances, preparation of financial statements (calculations)
  • Accounting of financial results of individual transactions (contracts) and presentation in the financial statements (calculations)

When carried out

  • In the beginning of the financial year, after the publication of tax reform package.
  • In assessing tax risks, at the end of the financial year,
  • While implementing transactions not permanent for the organization.

Why TM

  • Direct participation in the development of legal acts and expertise
  • Authors and co-authors of taxpayers simplified guidance
  • 0 risks (including tax) practice
  • A great deal of experience since1997
  • Qualified, competent professionals,
  • Large customer base.
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